Scentbuster Dust Magnum Size

SCENTBUSTER DUST is pure activated carbon powder that can be used in many ways to improve scent control when big game hunting. Each container contians 5.5 oz. of SCENTBUSTER DUST. At $2.72 per ounce, you will not find a less expensive alternative for retail activated carbon anywhere. It has the same properties as the carbon used in pre-manufactured activated carbon hunting clothing, except that, when it comes out of the bottle, it is 100% activated. SCENTBUSTER DUST can be used to improve the function of your activated carbon clothing, but it can also be used to treat your own clothing to improve scent control, at a fraction of the cost of activated carbon clothing. It can also be used in storage containers to adsorb any odors coming out of the stored gear or coming off the plastic container.
Scentbuster Dust Magnum Size
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Price $14.95